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  1. Hello, I am used to having a control panel, but now I have a dedi and I don't know how to get into mysql database. The hosting company created it for me.
  2. Contact your host they will give you a link ;)
  3. Are you sure? I think they would have given it to me when giving me the connecting details.
  4. Just contact them
  5. Strahan


    If the host company created the database, then logically they would be the ones to give you the credentials to access it and if not, they'd be the ones to support you anyway as you're paying them.

    If by "created it for me" you mean the dedi itself, then you just need to install MySQL.
  6. Don't use control panels by the likes of PhpMyAdmin, use stuff like command line tools or DataGrip or DBeaver (free) to access your DB credentials, it's way better that way.
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  7. I agree, but by far the phpmyadmin would be the easiest solution for you. However external software GUI admin panels are also an option. The problem is that your database is probably configured to listen only on your local ip, which means that you would not be able to access it remotely. This can be changed in the config files located in /etc/mysql/(here it depends which exact file, but should be in this directory or sub directory). Also you will need to configure your root (mysql)account to allow remote login or create an additional one with all of the permissions.
    Some links which might help you:

    You should also think about backups for your database. Very useful and easy to use tool would be:
    There is a lot of other solutions available, so you can choose.

    As I stated in a post before if you need some help just send me a message I will do it for free. I was in the same position before and do not want others to make my mistakes :D