How to add a server icon to your server! [1.7 - 1.8]

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  1. So this is a quick tutorial to teach others that don't already know how to do this.​

    1. Make a picture that is 64 x 64 (pixels)
    2. Customize it to your liking, I recommend using Photoshop.
    3. Save it as "server-icon" and make sure it's a .png file.
    4. Drag and drop it to the root of your minecraft folder. (Same folder where you put your Spigot jar)
    5. Restart the server.
    EDIT - Most viewed thread on general discussion :eek:
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  2. Dmck2b

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    Same instructions apply for Bungee.
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  3. I'm guessing you drag it in the root of the server that Bungee runs on?
  4. Dmck2b

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  5. LiLChris


    Where BungeeCord.jar is located. ;)
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  6. I don't know why, I can't get this to work...
    My image is 64x64, saved as 'server-icon.png' in the root of the server, but it does not show up. :(
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  7. You 100% sure its 64x64?
    If you're using bungee its not needed for the bukkit/spigot servers.
  8. The file type is png that's not what you put in the name right?
    and I don't think the unsecure version of spigot has that capability.
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  9. If your using photoshop I suggest using this method to save it as it will load faster/ be a smaller file

    File->Save for Web & Devices
    Then in the Presets just chose PNG-24 or something similar as long as its PNG.
    You will unlikely notice the quality difference in minecraft
  10. I use Paint.NET
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  11. I don't think it works for the most recent spigot versions, does it?
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  12. Dmck2b

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    Worked on Spigot #7 and Bungee 721 for me.
  13. It works for the latest spigot, build 9.
    You don't put .png in the name that's just the file type.

    Here's what it should look like:
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  14. Of course its the file type. You forgot to enable file extentions showing on your computer.
  15. Okay thank you my loves, I assumed it didn't work for Spigot just yet. Thanks.
  16. Well, I downloaded a 64x64 image from the internet so I assume it would work following those steps?
  17. Try opening it with Paint and checking if the dimensions of the image ate 64x64.
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  18. I know that, someone asked if they should put .png in the name of the file.

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