How to add a server icon to your server! [1.7 - 1.8]

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  1. Can you put a .gif image, though?
  2. I will need a tutorial of that, could you provide one?
  3. thanks for posting. I've been wondering how a lot of servers have been doing that..but havent really stopped to ask. :)
  4. if anyone need i can make cool images for servers
  5. Do you make images for youtube pages? i have an idea for how i want my banner to look on youtube and have been working on a design for about month now with windows paint, and in game by building what im doing with paint in game. :)

    but, i could def. use some help to spruce up my youtube page a bit more.
  6. Just so you guys know, no conversions tools are needed (for most formats - png)
    In Windows, enable file extensions and change from <picturename>.<genericformat> to <picturename>.png
    In OS X, do the same, but file extensions are enabled anyway (or mine was when I did it)
    Sorry, I've never used Linux in my life.
    P.S. allow any warnings, not much can go wrong except corrupting 1 little picture file
  7. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I have read and tried everthing that was suggested here. I still am unable to get the server icon to work, please help. Thank you
  8. Thanks for the guide, it was very useful.
  9. did you get it solved?
  10. Yup. Just name it server-icon.png and it should work fine!
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    Updated the prefix to include 1.8 since this thread racked in over 166,000+ views and is a top Google search result.
  12. Thanks I was wondering how to do this.
  13. So basically it works like in vanilla, doesn't it?
  14. Thanks mate, helped out a lot
  15. I uploaded a picture and its a 64x64 and its named server-icon.png and the first day i uploaded it it worked and the second day it stopped working. I tried to rename the picture to server-icon and it still didn't work. The picture is transparent i don't know if that effects anything tho. Any help? And i double check the properties and it said 64x64. I do have an error and that is my wifi bar where my server is if i hover over that it says out dated client (meaning i have a plugin that is 1.9).
  16. This thread is a good tutorial :)
  17. Hello fellow server owner's ;)
    How do i set up the server icon to be the member's head??