How to add cost to commands with essentials?

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  1. I have it written like this and it does not seem to take any money when doing the command.
    # Defines the cost to use the given commands PER USE.
    # Some commands like /repair have sub-costs, check the wiki for more information.
    /spawn costs $200 PER USE
    spawn: 200
    /home costs $500 PER USE
    home: 500
    # /example costs $1000 PER USE
    #example: 1000
    # /kit tools costs $1500 PER USE
    #kit-tools: 10
  2. drives_a_ford


    You should be seeing an error when reloading EssentialsX with such a config.

    You only need to uncomment the spawn: 200 bit. The rest of it is just comments and not valid YAML.
    So this bit of the config should look like this:
    Code (YAML):

     #/spawn costs $200 PER USE
    : 200
      #/home costs $500 PER USE
    : 500
    # /example costs $1000 PER USE
    #example: 1000
    # /kit tools costs $1500 PER USE
    #kit-tools: 10
  3. Noticing every time I change and save it it reverts to before I put in the new commands. Does it not like how I am typing it out? Edit: Got it to stay but, not to work.
  4. Turns out the command is working but, it is not charging me personally as the owner. How can I fix that?
  5. drives_a_ford


    Either negate the essentials.nocommandcost.[command] permission node for the specific command or negate the essentials.nocommandcost.all permission node.
  6. Every other negated one works but, those don't seem to work. Even with the all instead of the command name.
    - -essentials.back.ondeath
    - -essentials.back
    - -essentials.keepinv
    - -essentials.nocommandcost.spawn
    - -essentials.nocommandcost.home
    - "*"
  7. and if i have another plugin like preciousstone, i want to set a cost for "/pstone get x"... Can i do for this command too?? or just with commands of the essentials??
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