How to add extra line in the MOTD

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  1. as the title says I am trying to edit my minecraft MOTD and I need to add a extra line like GodPvp but the pvp bit below god how do I do it?
  2. "Line1\nLine2" the \n separates the lines of the motd.
  3. but I did that and the Pvp dosent go under God
  4. should I send my MOTD?
  5. Are you sure you used a backslash, it's common that some people use forwardslash (might have confused the two again)
  6. How are you currently sending the MOtD?
  7. here

    &d 6/3/2016'
  8. You're using the wrong slash replace the one with this "\"
  9. You just need to use a backslash! (\ - called by Alt-Gr + ß on my keyboard)

  10. Put
    motd: "&1--------&3&k[&5&lGodPvp&3&k]&3--------\n&5[&6Event&0-&eat&0-&b3PM&5]&d 6/3/2016"
    in your hub server section

    And it will look like this:

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  11. WHat one do I use

    number 1. \

    number 2 /
  12. number 1. \
  13. ok still dosent work

    here is my MOTD::

    he is a screen shot of mcv

  14. Make sure the MOTD is in double quotes (" "), not single quotes (' ').

  15. ok thank you all for your support
  16. Please mark the thread as solved so people don't think that there is still a issue ;)
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