Solved How to add Images to Maps?

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  1. Hello! I would like to know how to add a image to a map, such as in Banner Board, Ik this would have to generate blocks or something right? I want to do this, By searching for the image in the folder so if i did
    /pick Hello.png
    It would get Hello.png and add it to the map, Also I'm not very good with files so can someone explain how to do that to :D Thanks In Advance!
  2. Can be done using "Bukkit.getServer().createMap();" and creating a class that extends the "MapRenderer"

    Example from the forum:
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  3. Do you know how i can Search for a File that i would get in a argument
    Ex: /pick TEST.PNG
    And even create a file folder? Thanks! I'm not to experienced in java
  4. Google is your friend

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  5. Learn java, use google.