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  1. So kind of confusing, I see some servers have AU.Servername,com and my server is EU with a consistent 100+ people on, I'm looking to add some proxies to encourage more users to join, how exactly would I add these proxies like AU. NA. etc
  2. Do you want to change the IP or do you want to buy a proxy in a different country?
  3. Buy another proxy then have aswell as as well as
  4. And... I don't understand the problem
  5. Not a problem, I want to add multiple proxies so players from NA get better ping.
  6. I suggest setting up a redis server and use redisbungee (self-compiled redisbungeris still free if you don't want to support the dev).
    It syncs player counts and I think also some basic bungee commands like /find.

    All your bungee plugins must support multi-bungee-setups (or get replaced) and if some of your spigot plugins use plugin messages, they must be reworked, maybe to also using redis.

    (Note: Redis itself has nothing to do with minecraft)
  7. Okay, I've said this so many times. Just adding a proxy does NOT reduce latency. In-fact it ADDS latency.
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  8. Yes and no. What it does (assuming you create a proxy near the player) is create "better" ping because the players are pinging the proxy, not the actual MC server. In the end, everything combined, the total latency becomes more yes. However, the initial ping to the proxy is what is shown in the Minecraft client as well as other tools, so most people will automatically assume it makes it better, which is false.
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