How to add top 10 list Holograms

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  1. So im making a plugin and i want to make holograms that displays a players top level and top wins.
    It will be connected to a mysql databace and the data will be stored in columns eg,


    id username level wins
    1 example 124 4000
    2 example2 421 3000

    This is just an example
    How do i do this?
  2. Holographic extension is a plugin which allows you to use placeholders in holograms, so you could create some placeholders using PlaceholderAPI which look like this %leaderboard_name_1% with 1 being the position on leaderboard. And based on whatever number is passed through placeholder you can return the correct value.
    An example line would look like this:
    4 %leaderboard_name_4% %leaderboard_level_4% %leaderboard_wins_4%

    Edit: Might also be worth checking out LeaderHeads
  3. I'm just a basic coder so i don't know all that much about coding but i am decent at it
    pls don't judge
  4. Ok lemmi try this
  5. I am still gonna save player data in a mysql databace for leaderboard pages in my website