How to advertise a custom coded server?

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  1. Howdly,

    I am one of the developers over Ares Network, which is a custom coded PVP server. When I mean custom coded, the majority of the server is coded by me and other two friends which I've known since the start. We only use pre-made plugins such as Votifier and Enjin for website support.

    We have come to a point where the server is playable, and there is plenty of content to interact with:
    Kits, Abilities, Upgrades, Gold, Ambrosia, Gadgets, Hub, etc. and of course three amazing maps from our build team.

    We have a huge staff team with a lot of experienced members however we have to face daily the lack of players. For some reason, when players come, they leave after a while (we had 38 players once and then they never came back) without any comments or feedback. I get it that when they join, the server is probably empty and there is nobody to battle, and there has been a lot of controversy in our development team on whether we need to change our plans to minigames, which is a widely appreciated server type.

    I believe that our server deserves something more, because we have put a lot of effort and bug-fixing into it.

    I want your comments on this, we have tried livestreamers, voting links, youtube and inviting friends, but none of these seem to have worked. Thing is, the majority of our members say that the server deserves more players and the quality of the content is engaging.

    Just for a quick review, our website is with any additional the info needed.

    Should we pay for website Ads?
    Should we find a YouTuber with a deal?
    Any other suggestions?
  2. Just saying you could run the most setup and professional server but if our on no server list and stuff you won't get popular.
    Try buying some advertising slots on minestatus and stuff.
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking about. The rest of my team suggests that we add interesting minigames PVP oriented. However, we cannot put more time into a whole new aspect, while we have already invested months on Kit PVP.

    If members leave after a while, is it worth it to pay for advertisement?

    Edit 1: We don't want to claim that we're the best server out there, but we do have a unique aspect, and we have put loads of effort in making what we have to offer.
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  4. Ok, is your server ran off a bungee instance?
  5. Yes it does, we currently use only one server, however we reserve the others for future minigames and new content. But why would that matter?
  6. It's not really unique.. I've seen custom kit pvp servers 10x better (kiwi). It's (to me) a basic kitpvp server, just like everyone else, with maybe a few extra UI improvements.
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  7. @Scrap, there are indeed a lot of servers out there and we want to focus on unique aspects. PVP was not my choice (I am not the owner), but compared to other servers, I do think that we have some potential in it. We mainly want more activity on the server, and I believe the rest will come.
  8. What custom features do you have that others don't.
    (These don't count: Kits, Abilities, Upgrades, Gold, Ambrosia, Gadgets, Hub, since others have these)
  9. Maybe add some pvp games like SGPremium, or something like 1v1 pvp.
  10. @Scrap, most like you got me there.

    The list is not too long:
    • No staff drama
    • Kit Levels
    • Upgrade Levels
    • Killstreaks
    • Battle Drops (Extra hearts, Soups etc)
    • Battle Statistics
    • Ability to mine gold in PVP worlds
    • Custom Particles/Premium Gadgets
    And that's that. Do you mean that this why nobody stays on the server though?
  11. Not that unique... I've seen better servers.
  12. @Latouth, I don't want to make this a review thread, and I understand that we certainly need to distribute features that will make our server stand out. However, I've seen multiple servers with the same features and they do have engagement.
  13. Copying other servers is your first mistake.

    Also, if a server shuts down and a dev played on it the dev normally tries to copy it and make a server the same. But there's a reason why it down, not enough money or something like that. So don't copy other servers especially if the are shutting down.
  14. @Latouth, when you mention copying, are you referring to Kit PVP in general or certain aspects? About the second part, if you're talking about me, no I haven't been developer any server that was shut down.
  15. Ferx


    I laughed at that :p.

    Being "unique" and using free advertising doesn't work nearly as well as it used to. Granted, in the long run it could make you successful (at least 5 months, probably more like 7). Paid advertising is what you should aim for if you're not interested in waiting a very long time while maintaining the server's updates/community consistently.

    People fling around the word 'unique' all too easily...
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  16. @Ferx, glad I made you laugh then.

    All right, but since all the others mentioned that we are not offering something unique, wouldn't it be a waste of money if we invested to paid advertisement?
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    Not naming names, you don't need a breakthrough idea to get players interested tho :eek:
  18. @Ferx, that's a really interesting perspective. I am thrilled to see any advertisements plan working.

    Any other suggestions/opinions are more than welcome.
  19. I'll have to admit it but kitPVP is probably not going to get your server too far as there are hundreds of them out there. Try thinking of adding other minigames/gamemodes that are unique since you know how to code custom plugins. That will attract more players and if you're out of ideas, maybe ask your community!
  20. If you're going to use enjin, I'd recommend shifting the content of your navbar to the center (regardless of user login/registry)