How to advertise a minecraft server?

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How did you advertise your server?

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  1. Paid Advertising

  2. Used Multiple server list's

  3. Bribed a famous youtuber

  4. Used all of the above

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  1. Just want to know how to advertise well enough. I have 1 server right now with bungee cord setup, I have other server's ready, but not opening until I have a playerbase.;)
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  2. Mate you bumped it after 2 minutes... There is already a thread on this topic please use the search function
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  3. GG
  4. In his defence though, at least he isn't opening the other servers until he has a playerbase. A waste of resources, but at least it isn't 10 players across 15 or so servers :p
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    I've already read most of them.

    just asking again.
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    Repost of a repost of a repost if a repost?
    Please use the search bar.
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    It is called having a good server. Then the players will come to you of their own accord :).

    This is a poll of a online game called Tanki Online:
    Where did you hear about Tanki Online?

    I saw a banner on the internet 14%

    I read an article in a magazine, on an information-based website, or in a blog 3%

    I saw an advertisement on the internet 8%

    My friends talked about it (invited me) 39% <----

    I found it by chance using a search engine 11%

    I have been playing a long time; I can’t remember any more where I heard about it 9%

    Other (none of these options apply to me) 14% Total votes: 7,801
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  9. A way to advertise. 7 users voted on it at poll :D

    "Spam the fuck out of all the minecraft server list with high quality reviews and list of features of your server"
  10. I took a poll on my website and around half the players found the server through word of mouth.
  11. Could you elaborate on that a little?
  12. SEO = search engine optimization. The goal is to get your site ranked higher in search engines such as google.
  13. So like make a video of your server but make the title "Minecraft Cracked Server 24/7 NoLagg" kinda thing?
  14. No, SEO gets more complicated than that. There's people whose whole job is based around SEO.