Question how to apply patches to CB

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  1. I used to be able to do work on Bukkit/CB (ive done a few PRs), but today when I tried I get a couple of errors

    1) When I run "./" I should get this warning:
    ""Please run this script again with the clean decompile sources as an argument. In most cases this will be ../work/decompile-XXXX""

    but I get:
    ""./ line 5: $1: unbound variable""

    2) When I run "./ (path to decompile source)"
    I get this error:
    ""find: -printf: unknown primary or operator""

    Im running on macOS. Anyone else have this issue and able to solve it?

    I noticed @md_5 did some changes to the applyPatches file recently (in march I think I saw), so I'm guessing maybe something doesn't agree with Mac, and hopefully md_5 can shed some light on this.

    did some digging, hope this helps:

    ""The -printf option is not in POSIX find. It is a feature of GNU find, e.g., on Linux.""
    Seems like the printf option isn't on macOS
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  2. Workaround for the time being is installing a version of find via HomeBrew or Macports.

    Adding to the path to get the gnu find without g prefix
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  3. ooo good to know, thanks