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  1. Hello there!

    I've got a Minecraft crossplay network. I offer a lobby, survival, hardcoresurvival, skyblock, creative and minigames server.

    the main reason why I've setup this kind of network was that I wanted to close the gap between java and bedrock. But somehow I lack on the playerbase.I'm registered on the most server sites, I've got my own website etc...
    since the start of the server a lot of players played on the server, but they never stay for one reason. The lack of online players, so how can I counter this?
  2. You need to buy ads
  3. "They never stay for one reason. The lack of online players"

    If they don't stay because of that, I suggest first get some of your friends or family members to play on there so there will be some players at least on the server being active. After that, it will give you a headstart for other people to start joining as well. Plus, you should focus on the idea of what makes my server unique, and why should players stay on it? A good server which attracts player is one which is unique and catches the attention of players.
  4. I never understood people making dozen of servers without the player-base it's like creating Facebook but without the people, generally the plan is to have one good server and expand later if everything is doing good
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  5. Jack of all trades, master of none. People keep on trying to match everybody's taste and they end up lacking on everything. To make it even worse, those projects usually lack proper management and developers... they are dead since the day of release.
  6. The main reason why I create that many servers is I find it fun to create and being busy with building mc servers. It's a fun way to learn a lot on debugging, networking,Linux etc... since I had the hardware already running for other purposes why not :)
  7. I'll not say that this is bad as the best way to learn is to experiment by yourself. But your two goals are contradictory (wanting to learn/experiment and wanting to have a proper production environment trying to provide the best you can)
    You should probably only chose one
  8. You are absolutely right! Going to change up the whole plan en keep it smaller but better. Thanks for your info!
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    Populating a player base is one of the harder tasks to accomplish. If you're looking to get a quick hit for an event, or whatever else then hire one of the "Minecraft Server Streamers" (you know, those streamers that just get paid to stream on servers) but note, you'll likely get 0-5% player retention rate (if you're lucky).

    as for a more permanent solution, make sure your server is unique; add it to various server lists/voting sites; create a small promotional video for players to re-upload for a reward, and find a Youtuber who has genuine interest in your server to promote it.
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    Make a good server.
  11. Depending on your goal it is not enough
    (just see the number of trashy servers with hundred/thousand of players)
  12. the secret is pay or get some youtubers with relative feed. after that your server will grow
  13. Never start off a server offering everything. Try 1 game mode and work on it until it is perfect and fun to play. That way all your attention is on that one gamemode and not divided on 5 gamemodes.
    Once you get a stable enough playerbase, that's when you think about adding more gamemodes and such.

    Also, if you want to actually get a decent playerbase you'll need to invest in ads. A lot of ads.
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  14. good idea!

    and yes hi!
  15. Facebook started with only 5 people, it wasn’t born with millions of users
  16. They started by being focused on their university and not the whole world, and weren’t competing with others which already had millions of users
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  17. You have to start with nothing. It's ridiculous to say: Don't start a server if you dont have players.

    That's like starting minestom with nobody using it.. You have to start somewhere dont you?

    I agree that saturating your userbase is not needed, that's a valid argument i can get behind.

    But prepping a network isn't a bad thing either.
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  18. I didn't say that you need to have millions before thinking about anything, but that you cannot start with too high expectations. You cannot start a semiconductor company without already having millions (if not billions), you cannot start a new Hypixel without having a great way to obtain the player base.

    I think that we are thinking the same but we just misunderstood each other
  19. Make a server that's doing something well enough to keep players hooked. Then, your community will grow further. Put effort and detail into the experience.
  20. I am also starting an mc server and while we don't have a massive following we gained a decent chunk of players just by looking at what other servers of our style were doing wrong then working to fix those issues. However, this method can only take you so far as people will always be willing to play some places worse for more activity.