How to build Spigot?

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    This may be somewhat of a 'stupid' question, but how do you build spigot now that it is using a new patch system?
  2. Why do you need to build it? Use the latest builds on Jenkins

    If you run your own fork... wait a bit. I'll be writing up a guide / dummy repo on how to manage your own Spigot Fork.

    This is still all in development though, so please be patient.
  3. Code (Text):
    $ git clone
    $ cd Spigot-API
    $ mvn install
    $ cd ..
    $ git clone
    $ cd Spigot-Server
    $ mvn install
    $ ssh minecraftserver #log in and stop the server
    $ scp target/spigot* minecraftserver:minecraft/server/server.jar
    $ ssh minecraftserver #log in and start the server
    thats how i did it. completely ignoring the whole new patch thingy. too much work

    so.. is spigot server going to keep in sync with the craftbukkit repo and have all the spigot changes? i like living on the edge
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    Basically NO ONE will push to Spigot-Server and Spigot-API, instead we will push to the patch system.
    Jenkins will automatically build Spigot from the patches and push the results to Spigot-Server and Spigot-API.
    If you don't plan to make changes to Spigot, just build from them, else you will need to build from the patch repo:

    git clone <path/to/patch/repo> --recursive
    Then you can build as normal from the Spigot-API and Spigot-Server repos.
    If you make any changes to those repos you can use ./ to update the patches.
  5. with the update to 1.4.7, it looks like spigot-server won't be updated like it used to.. i guess soon i have no choice but to switch to the new patch system. for now i gust merged with bukkit and manually fixed merge conflicts, but with my limited knowledge of java, i probably cant keep doing that for long..

    here is my updated repo, for those are too lazy to learn the new patch system
    I recommend learning the new patch thing and doing things the proper way. or just use the jenkins builds.
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    Spigot-API and Spigot-Server will be updated automatically with each change to the patches. We are still evaluating using patches and how we may go about improving their use. Feedback is welcome.
  7. I personally like the old way it was done. I don't really uderstand the new way (because i have yet to clone and try it). but i can be quite lazy, so you probably don't want my opinion.

    edit: spigot-server hasn't been buildable for a day or two, so i gave in and cloned the new patch repo. not as bad as I thought it would be. going to mess with it more after work.
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    nice necro, did you noticed that this thread is over 3 years old and deals with the old system, not the current buildtools system?
  9. Alright... You're a pretty new user, but this shit is getting old really fast and I'm gonna have to block you now. You're in like every thread always posting completely unrelated stuff or even just things like "?".

    Please consider changing your ways and actually post relevant stuff. Thanks.
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