Solved How to bypass "Warning this build is outdated"

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  1. The title says it all, Anyone know how to bypass "Warning the build is outdated"?
  2. There's a code that you can put in your start.bat that disables it.
    Look around the Spigot GitHub.
    But why run an outdated build?
  3. I'm currently developing a 1.7.10 PvP Network


    Also, do you happen to know the code?
  4. Choco


    Then you're talking about something else. The cooldown was implemented in 1.9 or 1.10 I believe (I forget which one). Can we see what you're getting in the console? But yea... again, why run 1.7.10? You won't receive any official Spigot support for bugs / features
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    I want that stuff gone

    EDIT: I also wanted 1.7.10 because thats a good version for pvp.. Like most "GOOD" servers, They use 1.7.10
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  6. Choco


    That's a fork of BungeeCord. We don't support forks at all
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  8. Try adding this flag: -IKnowWhatIamDoingISwear after bungeecord.jar
  9. That flag didn't work
  10. In your start.bat on bungeecord it should.
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  11. Code (Text):
    java -jar BungeeCord.jar -IKnowWhatIamDoingISwear
  12. Yes, now start the server. It should remove the delay.
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  13. That doesn't remove any delay :(
  14. Nevermind, Just now taking in what you had said about the whole bugs and features thing. Sorry for wasting anyone's time!!!
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  15. Decided to downgrade from Taco to Paper, works now :D
  16. Wrong, that's what servers aiming at an audience between 7 and 13 years use

    "You will get NO support from this build" - support includes asking for help on the forums
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  17. Help the community get over the pvp changes that happened years ago and update to 1.12.
  18. Is there a way to do this without having access to start.bat, such as compiling a certain way or a BuildTools flag?