how to cancel client damage_indicators particle?(10USD)

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  1. how to cancel client damage_indicators particle?

    When I 1000 damage to the monster, client is lag!

    I will pay 10USD for a solution plugin! THX

    like this:
  2. looks like a mod to me, not normal minecraft
  3. No mod, just increased weapon damage, resulting in a large number of bleeding particles, the client is very lagging
  4. is this like new feature? I'm pretty sure it didn't show how much damage you do in minecraft
  5. I think that is referring to heart particles,a in 1.9 when you receive damage
  6. I used:
    MythicMobs - Custom HP Monsters
    DivineItemsRPG - Custom Damage Weapons
    1.12.2 CLIENT NO MOD,
    Then I found out,
    Even in Singleplayer,
    Attacking monsters with diamond swords will also have bleeding particles
  7. looks solvable by editing the packet which tells your client how much damage has been dealt, I could help you with this, but I will need some testing, looks like heart particles are invisible in my texturepack due to which I never noticed them. I may have time to look into this tomorrow (is evening for me right now)
  8. thx, Do you have msn?
  9. nope, but I can communicate with email, discord, skype