How to change chat color for a specific group (Group Manager + Factions + Essentials X)

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  1. So I'd like the donator groups and the default group to have grey chat (&7) but staff members to have white chat (&f) but the way essentials x, group manager and factions work in unison is confusing me.

    At the moment, all of the rank prefixes are set up in the group manager groups.yml file (ignore the permissions)

    The suffixes in group manager seem to have no impact on the chat colors and so I'm wondering whether I need to redo the rank prefixes in essentials instead? At the moment the essentials config has no effect on the groups and so if using essentials is the only solution then could someone explain how to allow essentials and group manager to work in unison then it would be much appreciated!

    Factions config:
    Groupmanager config:
    Essentials X config:
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  2. Gaxan


    Which chat plugin are you using?
  3. I'm not using a chat plugin, all the ones I've come across dont allow you to change the chat color for individual groups.
  4. You have to enable only one of this chat config... they go in conflict probably
  5. You can do that with EssentialsChat per group ;)
  6. Do you have EssentialsChat installed or just EssentialsX ?
  7. Do you have EssentialsChat installed alongside EssentialsX or just EssentialsX ?
    if you checked the config file he added then you'd know that he has that.
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  8. I have all of the Essentials files installed.
  9. Then he doesn't have EssentialsChat installed (nvm)
  10. Are all Essentials plugin versions equal?
  11. I formatted the group prefixes in Group manager, not essentials because the essentials chat doesn't affect my Group manager file for some reason.
  12. They're all the latest versions for 1.11
  13. The essentials chat file doesn't affect my group manager file for some reason, any prefix formatting I do in the essentials chat file has no impact on my groups.
  14. Can you send me your full log?
  15. Can you also send an image of the plugin list you've got using /pl in game ?
  16. Gaxan


    You are trying to use two chat formats in your essentials config.
    comment out
    Code (Text):
    format: '{DISPLAYNAME}&8:&7 {MESSAGE}'
    From your config
    Code (Text):

      format: '{DISPLAYNAME}&8:&7 {MESSAGE}'
      #format: '&7[{GROUP}]&r {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'

       Default: '{DISPLAYNAME}&8»&7 {MESSAGE}'
       Admin: '{DISPLAYNAME}&8»&f {MESSAGE}'
       Helper: '{DISPLAYNAME}&8»&f {MESSAGE}'
  17. I just tried this - to check if it worked I set the Admin chat colour to &9, didn't seem to work.
    Code (Text):
      #format: '{DISPLAYNAME}&8:&7 {MESSAGE}'
      #format: '&7[{GROUP}]&r {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'

       Default: '{DISPLAYNAME}&8»&7 {MESSAGE}'
       Admin: '{DISPLAYNAME}&8»&9 {MESSAGE}'
       Helper: '{DISPLAYNAME}&8»&f {MESSAGE}'
    As you can see from the attached file, the chat colour is still white

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  18. Gaxan


    That's because Factions is setting the chat message color to white.
  19. So how do I go about making it so Factions doesn't do that?