How to check for console errors?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Inkzzz, May 28, 2015.

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    I'm wondering how I'd check for console errors, so that I can store them In a .YML file, therefore I'll be aware of them rather than going through an entire log all the time.

  2. Try and catch.
  3. Inkzzz

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    Yes, but, how?
  4. When an exception is thrown, write the stack-trace to the file using a try and catch block.
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    My question is how do I make it to know when an Exception has been thrown?
  6. Not sure what you mean,
    But here's what @Skionz means

    //execute the code
    }catch(<exception type>){
    //catch an exception and write stack-trace to file.
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  8. You may be able to use a PrintStream, calling System.setOut(yourPrintStream) and have it write to the file. I am not completely sure if that would work or if I am making any sense right now.
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  9. Or...

    Code (Text):
    try {
    // Code
    } catch (Exception e) {
    this.getConfig().set(String, e.getPrintStackTrace());
    // I think.  I'm not using eclipse for this :P
  10. Syntax error :p
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  11. Is getPrintStackTrace even a real method?
  12. Yea I know XD
  13. I think so.
  14. Actually you are making sense @BetaNyan but I don't think it would work.try and cahtch will do the trick.
  15. I tried it and it didn't come up :( I'll look more into it.
  16. Luck is very important :D