How to check if block type is Bed in 1.13?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm working on updating one of my plugins to 1.13 and I noticed that Material.BED_BLOCK / Material.BED no longer exist. I see lots of Material.COLOR_BED, but I'd rather not have to check each individual color.

    Without a helper function, is there a way to see if a block a player interacted with is a bed? Head or foot.

  2. Since the vanilla block id is differently, there are different Material types.
    You might check Block#getData instanceof
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  3. Eventually I guess you could check for the string value of material and use .contains("BED") on it.
  4. Except that it includes bedrock.
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  5. Code (Text):
    && item.getType != Material.BEDROCK
  6. Choco


    Unfortunately, Mojang didn't create as many tags as they should have -,- Glass (/ panes) and beds being some of the tags they should have added. Though with them not existing, you have two options:

    1. Make an unnecessarily long if statement to check all bed colours
    2. Create your own tag-like collection with an EnumSet listing all possible bed colours and check against it
    Code (Java):
    private static final Set<Material> BEDS = EnumSet.of(
        Material.BLACK_BED, Material.BLUE_BED, Material.BROWN_BED,
        Material.CYAN_BED, Material.GRAY_BED, Material.GREEN_BED,
        // So on and so forth... list all bed colours

    // Later in the code
    if (BEDS.contains(block.getType())) {
        // You have a bed!
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  7. FrostedSnowman

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    Code (Java):
    private static final Function<Block, Boolean> CHECK_BED = block -> block.getBlockData() instanceof Bed;

    if (CHECK_BED.apply(block)) {
         //block is a bed
  8. Choco


    I'm not sure that an instanceof check, especially on an unmodifiable object that gets created every time its method is invoked, is more performant than a #contains() call on an EnumSet.
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  9. What about
    Code (Text):
    block instanceof org.bukkit.block.Bed
    block instanceof
    block instanceof org.bukkit.material.Bed
    They all seem to compile, do any work or is it inefficient?

  10. Any of these should work:
    Code (Java):
    block.getBlockData() instanceof // The one I used (1.13+ only)
    block.getBlockData().getMaterial() instanceof org.bukkit.material.Bed
    block instanceof org.bukkit.block.Bed // This one I haven't tested and is deprecated, you probably don't want it