How to check memory usage?

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  1. I've recently started my own server and I'm constantly paranoid that I'll end up doing something wrong that will mess something up, and right now I'm not sure if I have too many plugins installed or if it's a problem that I'm creating many different worlds with Multiverse. I just want to know how to check my memory usage :]

    More info:
    - My server is running off 2GB RAM at the moment.
    - I have around 15-20 plugins.
    - I have 3 different worlds with multiverse.

    Am I safe?
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  2. With 2GB of RAM you should be fine with the information you've provided.
  3. If you have essentials installed, type /lag, or /memory to see your server's tps and free ram.
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  4. To check you could get a plugin called toplite. It measures how much ram each plugin uses etc. Install it let the server run for about 5mins. Then do /top it'll show you the results nicely.
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  5. Fine. If he doesn't expect anymore than 10-20 players.
  6. I think he can get a few more on than that.

    A well optimized server could hold maybe 30-50 players. RAM isn't the most important aspect of a server.
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    Timings on -> timings report -> timings paste ?
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    wow how can you held 600 players with 7Gb? how many plugin?
  9. Why you replying to a 5 month thread?
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    Oh sorry. I dont know that rule.I'm newbie!
  11. If You Use essentials /gc Is Good :p
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