How to check perms of a plugin?

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  1. Hey, I am making an HCF server and I bought a core for $250 and they "Made" it but can't tell me the perms, any help? :/
  2. I guess you have to ask them for the source code to check them or use jdgui to see the source for yourself, than your have to search for a .haspermission in a certain class, if you find something like that its probally a permission for something
  3. I have gotten the perms for the plugin thanks to you, it took a while since the core is 3mb. It has literally everything. Thanks <3
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  4. You bought a leaked version of iHCF, and you were probably scammed.

    Tapatalkkal küldve az én LG-K120 eszközömről
  5. No problem, next time ask the information first, than buy it :D
    BTW: you can export and change every thing if you want to!
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  6. Wow, You probably did get scammed :/
    I would make u a core, and only sell it for like 100$ maybe.
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  7. he already has it :D nice try
  8. Choco


    (the plugin has a plugin.yml file containing all permission nodes) - Assuming there isn't any dynamic permission nodes, though typically people do not register permission nodes manually.
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  9. If the plugin was made by lazy people, it doesnt :D
  10. Choco


    If the plugin was made by anyone with half a mind, their permissions would not be registered dynamically. Spigot provides static permission registration by simply nesting them in the "permissions" category of the plugin.yml. If the permission were dynamically registered, if done improperly, permissions could just not work all-together.
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  11. My core is the same core as Faithful without their edits :eek:

    There is not any permissions in the plugin.yml but the commands and their aliases.