How to code with my friend in eclipse?

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  1. So I'm using eclipse and I want that my friend and I will code together. Is that possible?

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  2. Use a Github, Bitbucket, or GitLabs. This will allow you and your friend to commit to the same repository and work on the code together.
  3. yes, but what is a repository, and how do I make one?
  4. Download gitbash so you can do stuff with git
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    If you don't even know what a repository is, first thing you need to do is fine a good Git tutorial video and watch it and get familiar with the system before attempting to just plod through it.
  6. Git and saros are two different things. You still commit to github at the end of the day, but saros allows you and your friend to work on the code at the same time, and see each other’s edits live. Just like google docs.
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    Is Saros still maintained? Last I recall it hasn't been updated since Eclipse Luna
  8. No clue, personally I use floobits on intellij whenever I’m working with others.
  9. If you do not want to learn git there is some platforms that let you have live code between 5-10 people have used it at work a few times ill grab you software name tommorow
  10. Personally, I am against live coding because if you want to test out something you're doing, but the other guy is either working on the same thing and changed something or having errors on something else, you wouldn't be happy.
  11. The last update was about a half year ago in the marketplace, I'm still using it in the latest Eclipse version.
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  12. a lot worse but simpler way would be to use dropbox, If you both edit the same file same time it will make copy of it. so it wont overlap ur friends edits, ofc you would have to refresh the project to see friends updates. Also 1 platform called codenvy it made for this type of stuff but never rlly used it.