How to configure OVH FIREWALL, DDoS protection?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by NickFirenzoo, May 28, 2016.

  1. I use OVH(VPS) to protect the network server only BungeeCord me there and the other in Germany (it does not matter).
    My word is that is the highest priority, as if I set the firewall to block all attacks.
    I have already set something but I do not know whether it is enough if you can afford someone to help me how to setup the highest level correctly, thanks.

    Current firewall:
    Mitigation: Permanent mode.
  2. That is what there is to do. You might gain some layer 7 protection by adding a plugin to your BungeeCord that prevents bot attacks, however this is purely speculation, and I have no idea if it works better or worse than letting VAC handle it.
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  3. I know that thread is really old but I have to say that your coinfiguration would do nothing against ddos attacks ^^ You simply allow everything? Why not leaving the firewall totally blank?

    First just open all necessary ports, for example 25565 for minecraft. Minecraft only needs TCP so just don't let UDP traffic to this port, the minecraft query port instead uses UDP and no TCP. But be sure to open port 22 for UDP and TCP