How to correctly run a server

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  1. Broad question, I know. I see a lot of server owners very ambitious to release their server however, they usually don't know how to maintain their servers and in-result, it shuts down within the first couple of months.
    I was just wondering how you think a server should be started and how you should use money on the server. I also think gathering a player base is most difficult for most owners. How would you guys execute a successful server?
  2. Player Base:
    Theres a key part, this took me a long time to learn, it's not what you want, it's what the players want. Thats how you grow a playerbase is adding popular things players like. Also to take suggestions from players. Thats how I always grow my servers and believe me it works.

    Servers should not be released in a day. You need to spend time buying/or building GREAT quality builds. Also setting up plugins, buying unique things to make your server not just the normal factions or prison or kitpvp or whatever server.

    I generally spend about 150 bucks on starting servers, this may seem like a lot, but if you can make a server great the donations pay off. I always get a good dedicated node with a great processor. Players leave if there is lag on the server. You don't need a lot of ram to start a server, which is why i suggest starting with a 8 gig dedicated server and giving minecraft about 5 and that will let you grow for awhile without needing to worry about server lag. Then just upgrade as you go. Also a note on hardware is for mc i find SSDs are great for no lag. This may seem non -standerd to small server owners, but buy your spawns, and builds. You need great builds to make your server grow.

    This is my suggestions on how to make great servers.
  3. That's great advice! Could you tell me a little more about your own server and how'd you get to where you are now?