How to create a Animated Menu?

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  1. There is no way to create a menu that is animated? I have the idea of how to do it but it does not work, I can not share the code because I already deleted it, but in the other code I use: "Repeating tasks, several methods".
    Can you help me?
  2. Make a class that extend BukkitRunnable and run it with runTaskTimer. In the run method you can basically setup your own ticking system with objects keeping track of frames of an item and switching them by running a tick method.
  3. That 's what I did
  4. That's right use repeating tasks, but instead of keep opening the GUI (most of the people does) update the items on it to who have the gui open.
  5. Yes, but I'm going to establish that the items are updated every week, but ... When the items are updated, it does not return to the original menu, but rather, the items continue to be updated every time the repeating task is executed
  6. Huh I don't know how you wanna do it but you can use cooldowns with System#currentTimeMillis and every time the gui open check the cooldown and update it.

    If you want to change to another menu why you looking for an animated one.
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  7. If I open another menu and so on it will cause flickering