How to: Create a command using the AT method

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  1. Today, I'll show you how to make a command using the AT method. This is the other way of making commands.

    This method is used by many developers, such as @harry5573 and @IModZombies4Fun
    Even I use it sometimes.

    Simple command:
    Code (Text):
    @Command(identifier="op", description="OPs a user.")
    More information on this method coming soon.

    Thank you! :)
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    This doesn't explain much at all...

    You should def have your material ready when posting a how to. People will look at this and have no clue what it is supposed to do as it is very incomplete and lacking information.
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  3. Heh, I'm helping someone with git. I'll edit it later.-
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    Why post it at all uf it isn't a priority to finish? You sure could have waited until it was ready or you had time to complete it. This is going to be a waste of a click for everyone as the thread is not much of a how to at all.
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  5. Stop hatin
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    Ill hate all I want. Don't post half ass tutorials that make no sense! Dont like my posts, ignore em.
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  7. samczsun


    It's called an Annotation :/
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    I dont think that annotation works out of the box though. J/s the tutorial is incomplete
  9. I didn't know what the AT method was, and I still don't.
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  10. Heh heh.