How to create a sign which will do so

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  1. Hi Guys I need a little bungee help
    1.How to teleport player from main hub to survival server on same host machine but different port via bungee
    2.What should the main hub consist of(in relation to plugins)
    3.I am a bungee and spigot/bukkit noob
  2. 1. If it's a hub, just setup your ports accordingly so it's all connected. Once a player enters your hub, they can simply use /server command to teleport around. If you're having issues with the setting up the ports part, please private message me and I'll help you.

    2. Depending on the server, you may want to add a speed plugin so players can walk places quickly (whether it be launch pads or potion effects). You also would want to add a cosmetic plugin in which normal players and donators can mess around with.

    3. You'll learn :)
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  3. Can u suggest any of them