Solved How to create a sign?

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  1. Hi,

    How do you create a sign next to an existing sign after it is placed?

    Code (Text):
        public void onSignChange(SignChangeEvent event)
            if (event.getLine(0).equalsIgnoreCase("signCreation"))
               // Create another sign here
    Thanks :)
  2. you mean if you write something in the sign like
    [hello] it will change the sign to Hey bro? (examples)
  3. Haha, no. That would be extremely simple and straight forward to do. I want to create ANOTHER sign next to the ORIGINAL sign.
  4. haha damn i thought you wanted to change the lines
  5. 1. Make a method that will tell you on what side of the block is sign placed the method can return string like "East", "North", ect.
    2. Than make if statement for all four sides and in it get the location of the sign.
    3. And than just change for example x, y or z by -1 or +1 depending on where do you want the sign to be placed.
    4. After all of that just set block on that location as sign with your text.
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  6. some tips for u dude :):


    Block block = w.getBlockAt(loc);
    Sign thesign = (Sign) block.getState()
    thesign.setLine(0, "Some text");
  7. Thanks for the information.

    Thanks, this was helpful.
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