Solved How to create a world with less resources?

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  1. Hello all,

    For a gamemode I'm making, I need to generate worlds with less resources than usual. By this I mean mainly less ores (this must be in it) and probably less trees as well, although that's not mandatory.

    I've looked at the WorldCreator class, but can't find anything useful on what the 'generator settings' actually are. I didn't find much on BlockPopulators or ChunkGenerators either, so either some pointers on where to look and learn would be great, or if you feel like going the extra mile and explaining what the generator settings actually do, that'd be great :)

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Every time, I'm afraid. Thanks for the resource link though.

    EDIT: Where does this 'seed' generated go?
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  3. Gaxan


  4. What about a flat world?
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  5. Thanks :)

    And PSA for everyone:

    The 'seed' generated is actually the generator settings! This means if you create a WorldCreator instance, then use #generatorSettings(String settings) with the seed as the settings, it creates the world from it :) Alternatively, you can put it in under the generator-settings option. Make sure you set world-type to CUSTOMIZED.

    Thanks everyone for your help! (It's SOLVED now!)