How to Create Multi-Core .

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  1. I know Minecrarf Server using 1 core. Is there any other way to solve the problem and make sure that it works on multiple cores ?
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    Unfortunately, apart from chunk loading and chat, no.
  3. You cannot do that without modifying minecraft code. Though, if you create a plugin, you can create ThreadPools for managing threads in the plugin that can be used some what like this.
  4. Do you have a friend who knows about such things because they really need it. Or forum where I can find - How can I make that server running on multi-cores?
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    1.8 will likely solve this problem by giving each world a separate thread. Not perfect but better than nothing.

    Just wait.
  6. Wait.. Both server and client side? In this case upgrading to 1.8 will be a suicide for older computers if there is no option to change that..
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    We can and have done this before. There are no benefits as each server is always centered around a main world with a few hundred players and only a couple on other worlds.