How to create "test" server

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  1. Is there something I can download for spigot that will give me a server I can run from my PC but upload plugins too, so I can get all my plugins setup before actually purchasing from a host? Basically a test server.

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  3. Using BuildTools when it says "Extracting Port Git" I get the error "non 7z archive"

    Then I get --- Portable Git could not be installed, canceling
  4. If you wish, you can easily download the Spigot jar files from this website: (link retracted)
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  5. Got it to load, which one should I download? are plugins up to date with 1.12
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    That sounds like you're installing the wrong thing, worth noting that if you're using BuildTools GUI, We don't provide any support for that, the instructions on the page go over how to run buildtools manually

    Such websites are distributing jars illegally and should not be linked on this website. if it was legal to distribute the jars, we would. We like enforcing the usage of buildtools as much as everybody loves using it.
  8. Wasn't aware, thank you for letting me know.
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