How to detect how much resources a plugin uses?

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  1. How do I tell how much a certain plugin uses. Is there a plugin or something? I'm running a server with an i7 3770k @ 4.5GHz with 32GB of Ram. I'm hitting around 145 players when I notice motion lag and every once in a while a lag spike of about 2500ms. I see a lot of servers having 300 players on the same setup and not having any lag not even motion lag, so I think it's the certain plugins I use. Do you guys know any plugins that do what I'm asking for?
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    Timings show all sorts of server usage information.
    1. Turn on timings: /timings on
    2. Let it go for 5 or so minutes.
    3. Paste timings: /timings paste
    4. Give the link.
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  3. How do I tell how much resource is used? Is it by the total time?
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    Paste them here for someone to read. :)
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    Profiling, heap dumps, and timings.