How to disable bungee plugins on single server?

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  1. So I want to add a game server to my bungee network but on bungee i have several plugins that control chat and tablist and other things such as


    I want to disable these plugins on a single server so i can run a game plugin that controls chat and tablist itself (Auto-UHC). These plugins will interfere with game play and possibly cause errors if they are in anyway enabled on this one server.

    Anyone have any suggestions for me that may help?
  2. Still could use some help with this. There has to be some way i can connect a server to my proxy and have that one server control its own tablisting and chat while the others are controlled by the bungee plugins.

    All i really want to do is have my players be able to join games from the hub and leave to the hub without the bungee plugins installed on the proxy having any control over that one server aside from login control
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    You can't.
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    Did you even read this thread?
  5. Yes, and unless I'm wrong you can use PlugMan for this.
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  7. I just got roasted.
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  8. I was afraid of this, so basically my only option is to disable cross server chat and the tablist OR run the game with connected chat and tablist... which i think is what i will end up doing... I was just hoping for something LIKE plugman for bungee but Im guessing im SOL on that.

    Thank you both for your input though i just needed someone else's feedback on this cause I had hope i was just over looking something simple.
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    Actually I've been working on something like Plugman for BungeeCord, but it probably won't be finished for a while.
  10. Sweet. I look forward to that and if you ever need someone to test it please let me know i have a whole server dedicated to testing and i spend the vast majority of my time on it testing new content and plugins for my server. I am always interested in helping the community with things that I may use myself and that is definitely something i would use.

    I have a small team that beta tests hard every little thing we can think of before i go live with anything and if you read some of my posts here and on bukkit you'll see i try to provide as much information as possible to help devs figure out bugs and unexpected glitches. I figure the more information i can provide the easier it makes your job to get it fixed or worked out.