How to disable drop removal?

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  1. I tried installing the clearlagg plugin, but the server still removes the drop itself about once every 6 minutes. Please tell me how I can turn off this drop removal, or set up the automatic deletion time, for example, once a day. Now the following plugins are installed on the server: CoreProtect, NoCheatPlus, InvSee, GSit, Vault, MySkin, AuthMe, TitleManager. Server version 1.16.5 Spigot, but it continues to remove the drop itself. (Sorry for my English).
  2. So why did you add the ClearLag plugin to the server?
  3. [QUOTE = "chochoco4777, post: 4204287, member: 659159"] Так почему вы добавили плагин ClearLag на сервер? [/ QUOTE]
    I tried it, but clearlag removes the drop at its own time (for example, once a day) and the server itself removes the drop every 6 minutes.
  4. So I think your config.yml is the problem.
  5. [QUOTE = "chochoco4777, post: 4204305, member: 659159"] Думаю, проблема в вашем config.yml. [/ QUOTE]
    Many thanks! That helped.
  6. Maybe it could be an incorrect setting of your "spigot.yml". Check the disappear time option for items which is normally 10 minutes.

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