How to disable Force Save?

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  1. Hello, I 'm using Multicraft Panel for my Network, How can I disable this:

    21.04 14:59:12 [Multicraft] Received restart command
    21.04 14:59:12 [Multicraft] Stopping server!
    21.04 14:59:12 [Server] INFO CONSOLE: Forcing save..
    21.04 14:59:12 [Server] INFO CONSOLE: Save complete.
    21.04 14:59:12 [Server] INFO CONSOLE: Stopping the server..

    21.04 14:59:12 [Server] INFO Stopping server
  2. doubt it, more than likely a vanilla thing as vanilla servers do that to. its to save the settings, just like exiting a single player world normally. If you dont save settings they are lost. I checked the configs and didnt see anything on that particular thing. Just the normal auto save.
  3. Hey,

    As @Fahlur said there is only the auto save. You could edit the spigot jar file and disable it manually?

  4. Celebrimbor


    Just to want your server to delete all progress(since last save) when it stops/restarts? The default force save when receiving the shutdown command is common sense and there for a reason. I just wanted to verify you knew what you were doing.