How to Display the ban message in lobby?

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  1. Hi..Im runing a bungee network and on every server i have what i want to do is to find a way when you are getting baned on a section you would get kicked to lobby and when you are trying to conect back to the section to send the ban already kicks you to lobby whenever you are getting banned.. but i dont know how to display the ban message when you want to connect back to the section.. can you recomand me a plugin or to help me find a way to do this..i know it is possible becouse i saw it on a server but dont know how to actually do this..
  3. 1. Remove the liteban from the bungeecord server.
    2. In the config of liteban septup the MYSQL conection and put bungeecord: false
    3. Add liteban on all server Less in the lobby.
    3. Buy this plugin and install on bungecoord
    4. In config of multilobby add fallbackgroup: Lobbies and
    - Lobby1
    - Lobby2
    - Lobby3
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  4. OK thank you.. So I think this should work
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