How to edit BungeeCord source code?

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Plugin Development' started by Simon__, Jul 16, 2019.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I've copied BungeeCord files from github to my desktop. (git clone command)
    Git created an folder with content like at github page.

    How can I edit BungeeCord code now? I'm using Intellij IDEA to writing Java code.

    And how can I export/build edited BungeeCord to JAR file after editing the source code?

    Sorry for my english :/

    Thanks :)
  2. That brings up to me a question: you make modifications for you only or you want to pr the changes you did?
    If its for you only: Open IntelliJ and then click on Version Control -> Checkout from version control -> Git, then paste the link for cloning BungeeCord. Intellij will setup the other things for you, also it will say you that it found it as a maven project, click there to import it as a maven project. Make your changes.
    If its for pr: Fork the project on your github, then do the same i said in for you only, BUT with one modification: instead of the link for cloning BungeeCord, you should paste your fork's link (e.g Make your changes, commit & push to a new branch, then open the pr in the BungeeCord repo.

    Getting a jar: run maven clean package where you cloned the repository, get the jar from path/to/cloned/repo/bootstrap/target
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  3. Hi, thanks for your reply

    I followed your steps, intellij opened BungeeCord source code for me but every file has errors, how to fix it?

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  4. I've edited the code with these errors.
    Then I exported the code to JAR file with maven command.
    JAR file was built without any bugs and it works, but for me it is very tiring to edit code with bugs in IDE.
  5. You get the errors because Bungee is using lombok. If you install the lombok plugin inside intellij all will fix.
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  6. Oh, thank you!

    Your answer helped :)

    Thank you all for your commitment :)
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