How To Efficiently Advertise A Network?

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  1. Titles says it all. How do I advertise a network without spending a lot of money and getting little to no players in return? Should I risk buying a banner/icon? Does having a flashy motd help? Is hiring a Youtuber worth it?
    Let me know how you successfully advertise your network if you have managed to do so :)

    Thanks in advance
  2. Don't make one. I highly recommend you spend your money elsewhere (as I am currently working on doing).
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  3. Don't make what? A network or advertisement plan?
  4. Don't make a network.
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  5. I won't make a network but I'm curious as to how to advertise because I'm interested in advertising for the network I'm working for :)
  6. Don't work for a network either. Just go and do your own thing.
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  7. Hiring youtubers are a good way to get players as long as the youtuber has enough subs.
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  8. Coding is my own thing. It's my hobby and profession.

    How many subs do you think is a good amount?
  9. I suggest you just stick with that.
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  10. Hey man, Ill make you a flashy banner for 10$, if your interested. I've 'made' some pretty sick banners in the past, just let me know. This is my banner, it seems to attract a lot of players to my server and im sure I can hook you up.

    I know its not exactly handmade, but after looking around for a while I found that bannersnack suited my needs.

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  11. Bas


    'I make sick banners'
    'created with'
    Oh man, You almost got me!
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  12. I cringe so hard.
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  13. ReadySet made this thread because he needed a banner - My banner works extremely well in bringing in players, and I can help him out and 'make' one for him. It takes time, so I threw in a price. SMH
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  14. ReadySet, if you want to start out a server and bring in as many players as possible, I would first off focus on advertising on Planet Minecraft's server listing, create a nice banner, make a good thread. After that I would make some forum listings, like on MinecraftForums, and keep bumping that thread. These methods have worked really well for me, but they do take time as does anything else. One of my favorite server listing sites is Minecraft-Server-list, as whenever I make a server posting on that I always seem to get like 30-40 players joining every hour, which is always nice.

    Networks help a lot, because instead of only attracting players for say a factions server, you can bring in people who like mini-games, survival, creative, and factions, and as the server gets bigger all of the sub sections become more popular and 'desirable', so contrary to what others have been telling you I would think starting a network would help a lot, however it would be rather important to find a cheap method of hosting all these servers while they are in there infancy, as buying a dedi and linking the servers with bungeecord might be a bit expensive.
  15. Your $10 banner, with free generic icons, made on a terrible website:

    Free templates, 100% configurable:




    Edit: He deleted half of his posts, so I went ahead and deleted the replies lol.
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  16. Any amount is a good amount, just be sure that the content creator themselves are sincere and not washed out, I suggest looking for multiple YouTubers within the ~3-10k range.
  17. I actually didn't make this thread because I needed a banner. I was just asking if a banner is a good way to advertise. Thanks for the offer though :)

    How much on average do you pay a Youtuber in that subscriber range?
  18. I suggest posting it on server sites for one, being the obvious choice. Giving rewards for voting can be helpful with that, the more votes, the higher chance of your network getting noticed. Simply telling friends and getting the players to help, even a invite-a-friend contest or something which rewards the people who invite the most. Also, simply work on improving your network as best you can. If your network is good, and people enjoy it, more will come, trust me.
  19. Can you send me a download to that second one if you dont mind :p.
  20. Don't make a network. The time for building big networks is long gone. The only way to profit now is to choose a gamemode that generates a lot of revenue, and focus your efforts on monetizing and improving it.
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