How to find a users real name

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by MatthewKai, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Hello I saw someone advertize on my server but he had a nickname and is now offline so how do i find his real name while he is offline?
  2. latiku


    Open chatlogs in console
  3. i did it says this 15:42:29] [Async Chat Thread - #13/INFO]: [Level30][Survivor]~PotatoMan spaces are dots
  4. latiku


    How is that advertisement ._.

    Uh, you should see him nickname himself prior unless it's his default nickname.
  5. i hid the advertizing part just showed his name thing. on the chat log it just shows their nickname when they're using one
  6. latiku


    Console logs every command performed by users :)

    Just do CTRL + F and type "/nick PotatoMan"
    You'll see the user who nicked himself potatoman and advertised.
  7. You can also grab his UUID from the console logs and punch it in to one of the hundred reverse name lookup websites. Though, If you were to use LiteBans or, Another worthy banning plugin. You could just ban the UUID without looking up the players name.