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  1. Hello there, I currently have a faction server and I want to allow my players to use schematica printer without it glitching out and kicking them but I dont know how to fix this. is there a solution to allow smooth printer on a Minecraft server?
  2. You already gave them the permissions to do so correct?
    And do you use WorldEdit for the Schematica?
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  3. what permissions is there and I dont use anything idk how to let people print because it glitches and kicks them
  4. So if you get someone to do //schematica it should say “you need (permission) permission to use this command”
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  5. And make sure u use the Schematica that comes with worldguard
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  6. no like with printer, I want people to be able to print cannons and stuff without the glitching and stuff
  7. Oh so u want it to make the cannon for you?
    or you want to make it yourself but u can see which blocks to place?
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  8. What AntiCheat do you have on the server? I Tilt is confused.

    The only thing that interfears with printer mod is an anti cheat. If you are using an anti cheat just allow players to place blocks quickly etc. There will be an option in the anti cheats configuration file.
  9. Schematica is a mod for minecraft popular in faction servers. It is Client side only, and works by loading in schematics and then a player automatically places the blocks according to that schematic aslong as they're near. Its a clever mod but requires no permission.
  10. There is a permission with world Edit for it. It’s //schematica I thought u guys where talking about that sorry...
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  11. i am using NoCheatPlus
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  12. You shouldnt use that. I recommend getting a self coded anti-cheat or pay someone to make it... Titan or Spartan are good but cost money :D
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  13. well I dont care about that atm
  14. Well it may be because of the AntiCheat... so you should care :)
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  15. Try changing the ink cartdridge.
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