How to foward Votifier in a BungeeCord Network to other servers.

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  1. TitanicFreak


    Probably should of given that a better title. Nonetheless, I own a bungeecord network and I've always had problems with voting involving Votifier or Bungeefier within networks. So i want to know how to properly have votes that are received to be sent to all the servers.

    Let me explain that better, Lets says votes are received via the hub. The hub then forwards the vote to all the servers and all the servers recieve the vote and the member can recieve something on all of them which is unique to that server. So lets say on a "Kit-PvP" server, they would recieve like 30 dollars or something (Starting balance is like 10-30, don't exactly remember off the top of my head) per vote and on another server in the network like the God server which you probably have seen a few already. High level enchants through the roof. You receive 32 bedrock (Bedrock is breakable on my god server) per vote. Basically stating the player gets something on all the servers from one vote.

    I hopefully explained that to the best of my extent so everyone knows what i exactly want to figure out. I know Bungeefier exists however i personally would rather have the votes be forwarded to other servers rather then using Bungeefier. Anyone know anyway i could do that and if you do, how would i exactly do that.
  2. Outlaw11A


    Use Votesend.
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  3. TitanicFreak


    Oh wow, i don't how i didn't find that. Anyway thanks for telling me that its out there. I'll tell you how it goes later this week once i start using it.
  4. Outlaw11A


    No worries. I can confirm it works well as I have been running it for a while.
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  5. WFS


    Im looking to add this functionality to my bungee cord too, but I've never used Votifier or Bungeefier
    would either of you be so kind as to give me a quick run through on how to do this, especially relating to what plugin to install on which server, and what I.P's to link to from PMC, Also I understand that a listener is required to collect the vote data from PMC, is there one you would recommend?

    I use a hosted server (Multicraft) in my own 10Gig box on the server, with 7 (including back end) servers running, I would like players to be able to vote and it simply credit their balance on the survival server only with server credits.

    I know this thread is a little old, but didnt want to start a new one as you guys seem to be the ones to ask the question of?

    Huge thanks in advance.