How to FTP things from one server to another.

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    ok, let me put it like this:
    I have just got a VDS with OVH, but how do i copy things from one server to another? Normally, i would just copy it onto my computer, and then upload it, however my connection speed is only 1Mb/sec.....
    So, anyway, back the point, how do i copy things from one VPS to another with FTP or some other method?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Either SSH to one box and use FTP from that to the other.
    Or use a FTP client that supports server to server transfer (FxP)
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    Could you gimme a link to one, please?
  4. Ages ago a used to use FlashFXP, WsFtp, CuteFTP
    They all had that feature.
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  5. FlashFXP = Best FTP Program ever.
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