How to gain a player base?

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  1. Hey guys, I created a faction server (which opened yesterday) and posted it basically on every single possible website ever. I gained around 10 players (max online at the same time). It was going between 6-10. I used to own a server 2 years ago and things were different, anything I should know about advertising? I really need help to advertise and to gain a player base :)
  2. Its hard advertising ninecraft servers as most methods of advertisement usually have an auction system in place. As its an auction big servers dominate them.
  3. The advertising may be served by media like Youtube, just get creative ;)
  4. Having players invite their friends works very well for servers that just started.
  5. Money.
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  6. The word of mouth is also important, but it must be given the means to make this happen..
  7. As @FuriousPvP had stated above you will need money.
    These days you will need thousands to gain hundreds of players online at once. You can find smaller youtubers to do videos for less like $50 per video. Getting in contact with YouTubers is also hard and it's probably best to go through their managers as apposed to directly. Owning a server two years ago compared to know is a whole lot different as there are 10,000+ servers competing with you. Good luck.
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  8. Well thats just great D;
  9. AngelRani


    Another way is to create a signature advertising your server like I do. Also some plugin pages have a server section that has a list of servers using their plugin. You could ask them to list your server and that could get you some players.
  10. Interesting, might do that.
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  11. I've visited your server and I feel like there are not much activity going on which makes players think that your sever is boring.
    Try to spice things up and you'll eventually start gaining players.
    Lastly, it's factions and there are a ton of them already so try to do something unique along with Factions.
  12. You got any suggestions, thanks man :)
  13. A good suggestion i can give you is contact all your friends on skype and get them to contact their friends, this is a free and simple way to get a player base quickly and with people you know.
  14. Pay ppl to play on your server?

    100% works
  15. Important: You need to make something unique for your players that only your server has.
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  17. That's the reason why there are so many successful generic servers out there?

    And thinking that player's will promote your server around? Dream on, maybe they'll bring a friend or two (MAYBE) but that's it... and they won't play on empty server, cause this isn't singlePlayer!
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  18. Might be worth trying! Thanks :)
  19. Rent some hours of .org Or youtubers that are cheep. Just saying, theres some talk of a new guy selling .org for VERY Cheep soon ;) (Its me :p) But cant sell on here soooo ;)