How to get a Kimsufi server [Liability for sales tax?]

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by NaJated, May 6, 2015.

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  1. Says it in the title, I was just searching through Kimsufi and I went into the buy screen of one to see what it's like and I saw sales tax (vat) of 20%. Because I'm not earning say, over £10k a year something like that, does that mean I am not eligible to pay VAT? I'm also a minor too (Under 18).

    Thanks :D
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  2. Kimsufi has some available right now.
  3. I wrote a guide regarding this a while back, here.
  4. Not KS-4 though :)m If I wanted an Atom, I would get one LMFAO XDD

    Already tried that, I'm always asleep XD
  5. Send me a PM and I'll add you on skype. I'm nearly always on the KimSufi website replying to Spigot posts or people on Skype needing support. I'll help you out if you need any :p
  6. Sent :)
  7. Just checked and they're in stock.
  8. Just select US and get them, they'll be in BHS thou...
  9. Oh the i-5 is the ks-4 in North America. Sorry my bad.
    Different processor.
  10. Check everytime ;)
  11. More expensive for a worse deal smh.
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  12. The processor in BHS is better than the one in RBX...just throwing that out there.
  13. What's that mean ? XD
  14. Meaning you would want the Canada location over France, which is in stock currently. You'd want a KS-4 in CA unless, of course, a majority of your players are located in Europe (they probably aren't).
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  15. Maybe, you can get IPs and try to ping em here:

    I'm in EU and I have like 120ms ping to my server (CA datacenter) and if I try pinging FR servers I get 25ms pings.

    Sure... 120ms is still playable (you'll prob. noticed it occasionally) but like I care most of my players are from CA/US :D
  16. You will have to pay VAT unless you are a registered company in America.
    Getting a Kimsufi server isn't hard, I grabbed a KS-3 last week.
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