How to get active players?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by DMEpepperoni, May 14, 2016.

  1. Sadly... my server has been very quiet recently which is very sad. I am looking of a way of getting active players, and yes I already paid a youtuber. Barely any joins but still 3 more episodes to go. Bumped on PMC right now, no joins.
  2. People will stay if your server is unique.
    if your trying to get your server known and out there, i would recommend using other vote sites, which will increase your chances.
    Here's a great site that got me 25 unique joins in 20 minutes,
  3. Have a banner posted up on multiple vote sites at like the top of the page or close to their as well as advertising events/drop parties etc on pmc and (I think thats the site) and pretty much any minecraft forums you run across and hire a tun of youtubers. Do all that and your good to go, you get a playerbase in no time (of course be ready to spend some serious cash!).
  4. On the first part that is not true, for example let's take LemonCloud. They have nothing unique at all and they still get hundreds of players.

    2nd part is I already have around 6 voting sites.
  5. Already got a youtuber hired, but still not a lot of players. I have as I said before 6 voting sites, and how exactly do I advertise events and drop parties?

  6. You need multiple YouTubers and just go to the websites advertising section and post a professional looking thread