How to get best temps & sound out my computer?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Spooky18, May 1, 2015.

  1. I need a new pc and I need advice.
    Well, here is my problem:

    -Sometimes I want to get low temps on my pc (Computer will be loud)
    -Sometimes I might have friends round and just want a quiet room (I want my computer to be quiet)

    What is the best to go with?
    Watercooling (still kinda loud), Fan controller (easy but I don't exactly like fans) etc.
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    On my build, I used a fluid dynamic fan, which is interesting. I built my computer in November, but actually only added the fan in last month. It's made at least 10°C - 20°C difference on average after installing, and it's super quiet. I'm very pleased with it.
  3. That looks pretty good, is that the only fan I should need in my next/current pc? (except the gpu)
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    Depends on how intense your build is. For me, this fan went above and beyond for what I needed.
  5. I totally agree with you, I change the fan speed in BIOS manually because I haven't found an effective way to automatically change it as the temp rises. when i want it quiet, i gotta restart and change it to 25-50% and when i wanna game it's usually at 75% and still gets the job done
  6. I do have this case where I can set fans to turn on at certain temps, not that great. Tho
  7. Make sure your fans are clean CLEAN, that cuts the sound down a lot, some fans are ultra quiet so get yourself some of those, but use i'd say your top fans for your cpu cooler (water cooling) for best performance