How to get Heroes working?

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  1. Hello there,

    Before you go say "its impossible", it is.
    After asking a bit at bukkit, I came to the decision they wont help me there. When I searched a bit here, I saw a program called "interglot". I tried to convert all Heroes files, including all its skills, since those are in apart .jar files. I runned the server but it still didnt help. I got the usual error:

    Code (Text):
    [Heroes] Unable to load Skill "X.jar"
    Anyone knows a solution?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Generally only the Heroes.jar, Telekenisis.jar and Fishing.jar need converting, make sure you selected
    1_4_R1 as the version.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply!

    So basicaly I need to let Heroes generate the files, then use interglot on Heroes.jar, Telekenisis.jar and Fishing.jar and set the version of the convert not to 1.4.7 but to 1_4_R1?

    Thank you very much, I realy hope it works!
  4. md_5

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    Yeah 1_4_R1, the naming was changed after Interglot was released.
  5. Im sorry if Im being very stupid, but when I want to enter 1_4_R1, it says : Please specify a Minecraft version...
  6. md_5

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    Oh, I need to update the program then.
  7. Please note: all skills may break with the newer updates to Minecraft (1.5+) :)
  8. md_5 So if Im not wrong, I should just wait until you Update Interglot?

    Kainzo Okay then! Anyways, you are the devlopper of Heroes right? Is there any version of Heroes (Maybe an older one that doesnt require Libigot, since I dont want to use a client(Maybe later)) that should work with 1.4.7?
  9. Unfortunately, not at the moment. Libigot is a requirement - it does not require a special client. It requires the server.jar like Bukkit does.

    good luck
  10. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Fixed btw.