How to get on a full server?

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  1. Raesak

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    A server has 100 players and 100 player slots. The server owner needs to get on but it's 100/100 and the server will remain full for hours.

    What can be done to solve this problem?

    As server owner, we need to have instant access to get on our server at any given time. It will be important for staff members to be able to get on the server as well.
    Perhaps players with premium ranks should also be able to get on.

    What is the solution(s) to this?
  2. I don't understand what you're trying to say? Player slots are unlimited these days with no restrictions on player count. The scenario you're describing is highly unlikely to happen.
  3. Phoenix616

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    There are several plugins that let you join to a full servers when the player has a specific permission. Just search for something like "full server join plugin" and you will find a couple e.g. this one.
  4. Raesak

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    there are many scenarios where server owners would want to set a limit on their server. for example if the server hardware is limited, so after 100 players TPS drops to 1. in that case server owners would want to limit the player count to avoid that, but would still want to log into their server at any time they want.

    or if someone runs a pvp server but they want to keep a small arena, so they only allow about 30 player slots.
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