How to get player balance from Vault?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by mrdado243, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. So i'm making scoreboard and i need player money from vault but "econ.getBalance" seems not to be there anymore? please help me i need to have this solved in phew hours! thank you!
  2. Try searching the spigot forum first before starting a new thread with the same topic
    Here you go
  3. NOO! I'm asking HOW DO I GET IT! no why does it not work this is cancer
  4. Ehhhh, ok? do you feel stressed or what?
    You said this: " i need player money from vault but "econ.getBalance" seems not to be there anymore"
    So i think you already tried something, but here you go:

    Code (Text):

                       RegisteredServiceProvider<Economy> rsp = Bukkit.getServer().getServicesManager().getRegistration(Economy.class);

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  5. THIS WAS THE ANSWER! private static Economy econ = null; and not other thread. Instead of giving ppl ideas here give them what they are looking for!

    And thanks for posting this after.
  6. btw yes i was very stressed.
  7. Just saying, be friendly or you'll get banned. Giving people what they are looking for is not their job.
  8. It's nice to do that instead of giving replies that don't help. I usually help people and not saying they should go search for help somewhere else.
  9. Then be more specific and read the forum post from @SubSide which already give's you an answer on "be specific when you ask for something"
    Also i haven't said go search somewhere else, i only said you should maybe use the search section if you received any topic that may can help you before posting a random question about vault, this could be also simply answered at the vault github section to be honest