How to get players on your server

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  1. I recently bought a great and cheap host, and i have made my server, the only problem is, I can't get players...
    Any advice

    P.S: Please rate my server! The IP is
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  2. What advertising methods are you currently using?
  3. latiku


    Why on earth would you dive into content creation with zero idea about monetization? You need money to start a successful server, and I mean big bucks (aka thousands range)
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  4. I am advertising on websites like minecraft-mp but i don't have the money for premium slots....
  5. I don't have that money XD
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    I can't wait to see how far your server gets then, xD
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  7. Then you're server won't go far. :/
  8. Ummm I can't connect to your server...
  9. Get a domain (fluctis sells and will help u with them if u need it). Buy slots. Be successful.
  10. I don't think that is true exactly. It is possible to make a successful server with $20 and a great idea :)
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  11. Sorry! I put the wrong port in!!!
  12. Not really.... those days are over.
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  13. I just joined the server it didn't send me to the spawn, another friend tried to join and he spawned somewhere random too. Luckily you were on and teleported us to the correct spawn.
    Ok now I'm gonna start my review which states my 100% honest opinion:

    When I got teleported to the correct spawn, I was instantly spammed with donation holograms which were colorless. The spawn is small and looks like you didn't put effort into it.

    PvP world: So I joined the PvP world and I don't even have access to /pvpkit, you need to test out the server before releasing it to the public. I joined the PvP arena and I was surprised. It is just a DOME WITH A STONE FLOOR!!! Seriously, you really need to put some effort into the server.

    Factions world: The factions world spawn looks like you didn't put effort into it either, it's just a platform with a random tree with torches. If you jump down off the platform, you die, there is no anti fall damage or barriers... You can't use /rtp either. No permission.

    Creative world: Again, too generic. At the hub when you go halfway through the creative portal (which is lava), you get burned...

    Survival world: Nice world, but there is no safezone/no-pvp zone, people can spawn camp newer players.

    You have to ask yourself this question: Why would I join your server out of the thousands of other servers?

    Put more EFFORT into this, release it when it's ready, not half ready. Make the spawn look nicer, setup a safe zone with WorldGuard in the survival world, etc.
    The server is very buggy at the moment,
    You need a unique theme, nobody wants another factions/pvp/creative/survival server.
    Shut the server down and get the bugs fixed, people who get a bad taste don't come back.
    Also, my other friend that was on said you could buy moderator...
    Check out this guide:

    RATING: 3/10
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  14. Or if you start from the ground you can make a small server with a ~$100 budget, gain a quick profit from it and sell it after a month over and over until you get that much.
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