How To Get The First Few Players On My Server

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  1. Hi, I Am Just Finished Configuring Out My Server
    And I Need To Get The First Few Players On My Server
    How Can I Do It
    Any Suggestions?
  2. Hello you can use you can use youtube skype or facebook discord make sure you have your server well protected you will receive many attacks
  3. Strahan


    What do you mean, "need to get"? In what manner?
  4. I Have A Server But I Not Able To Get Players Play On It
    How Do I Get Players
  5. I Have Discord Server But I Don't Undestand How All These Services Related To Servers Attacks
  6. Usually when you publish the IP of your new server in a group or website usually you will receive people with bad intentions
  7. Thanks For The Reply
    So How Exacly I Supposed To Get User Base For My Server
    How Do I Get People Entering Eventually To My Server
  8. you need to have a good product that users like some well configured modality with unique things that usually likes a lot but of course you need a lot of imagination and a developer or look for plugins that meet your needs
    really with 20 users you can already thank is more than enough
  9. I Am aready Configured it but Uniqe idea, plugins, but i can't find places to get traffic. forums not works.
    so what can i do
  10. The best ist still being online while others take their server offline from time to time. Also building channels like discord, skype, facebook and a custom website to introduce new player into your game and help to decide them joinen your server (For instance with a promotion video or something).

    When you got first users just look what they like on your server and start surveys where your community decide how the server evolves and whats next task on your list until you build up a real community with a unique game concept targetting those players :)
  11. If you're asking about how to get players, I'm suggesting server lists. But be careful, they're only useful for the first day. It's because most of them have a New category, and especially on mc-server-list. These will get your server started. Once you can get that base 5 - 10 players average, try to raise donations, and then buy discord ads and pay youtubers. I hope this will work for you. :)
  12. How Can I Buy Discord Ads, Discord Has An Ads Al All
  13. This meaning you find minecraft discords that sell ads, for example they will post a nitro giveaway and do an @everyone. Look for discords with over 1000 members.
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    Great! You've just finished configuring your server! Now, comes the hard part, getting players! Here are some tips (free and paid) that I've used to get players onto my servers!

    • Post your server on Vote List websites. Do not post on every site, though, personally, I limit it to 3-4 sites (.org, mc-mp, top-g, planetminecraft)
    • Post your server on the r/MCServers subreddit
    • Create a Twitter for your server and post about releases, etc there (alongside a community Discord and website)
    • Implement a referral system that rewards players for bringing others to your server
    • Sponsored listings on the vote sites listed above
    • Sponsored videos and livestreams from content creators (they don't need to be huge YTers, too. 10k-30k is also good)
    • Paid for ads on Minecraft related Discord servers
    • Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ads
    • Reposts on Minecraft related Instagram accounts
    Remember, these will just bring the influx of players, it's up to you, and what you have created to keep them online!
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  15. Thanks You Helped Me Very Much
  16. Agreed